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5 Things to Ask Your San Antonio Criminal Lawyer

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San Antionio criminal lawyer

Being charged with a criminal offense is a frightening experience. This is especially true if you have always been a law-abiding citizen and are unfamiliar with the process of hiring an attorney or going through the court system.

When you are seeking legal representation from a San Antonio criminal lawyer, it’s important to feel confident that your best interests will be served. Here are five questions to pose during your consultation with the attorney.

Do You Have Experience with Cases Like Mine?

Just as in medicine, the United States legal system is complex and complicated, and the professionals in that field have areas of specialization. You wouldn’t ask a podiatrist to perform brain surgery. So don’t ask a tax attorney to handle your criminal charges.

Although all attorneys have to start somewhere, you won’t want to hire one who is fresh out of law school and therefore has little to no professional experience. Ideally, your San Antonio criminal lawyer will have plenty of experience handling cases that are similar to yours.

Who Else Will Work On My Case?

In many large law firms, your case will be handled by paralegals and junior associates. You may never even meet with the lawyers whose names are on the billboard — or the letterhead.

Depending on your needs, that may be just fine. In some instances, however, you will really require the rock star attorney. Either way, it’s important to know who will be handling the majority of your criminal case.

What Are My Options?

The penalties you face may vary widely, from a fine and a suspension of your driver’s license to serious jail or prison time. Before you hire an attorney, find out what course they expect to take with your criminal charges.

An experienced San Antonio criminal lawyer may be able to get all charges dismissed. A plea bargain is another option that could be preferable to a trial. The attorney should be able to review the relevant information and give you an idea of how they advise proceeding.

What’s Your Track Record?

Naturally, you want your attorney to be not just experienced with cases like yours, but experienced in winning them. A successful track record is a vote of confidence. Other factors will come into play, of course, but it simply makes sense to hire a winner.

How Much Will You Charge Me?

The cost of hiring an attorney is at the forefront of most defendants’ minds. Any attorney who offers you an initial consultation will usually do so for free. Moreover, they will broach the subject of payment before you even have to ask, thereby eliminating any awkwardness.

Many attorneys work on contingency, which means that you won’t have to pay any fees up front. That can be a huge relief for someone facing criminal charges.

A San Antonio Criminal Lawyer You Can Trust

No matter what charges you are facing, you need an experienced, dedicated, and aggressive attorney to fight for you. Roland J. Garcia is that attorney.

If you have been charged with a crime and want to discuss your options, contact The Law Office of Roland J. Garcia today for answers and assurance.