Been Hit with a DWI Charge? Here’s How DWI Lawyers in San Antonio Can Help

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If people with ghost problems call the Ghostbusters, individuals facing the repercussions of a DWI call DWI lawyers.

These attorneys are experts at handling tough DWI cases, which courts approach aggressively in almost all states. They know the ins and outs of the systems, laws, and possibilities for clients. 

Yet numerous individuals wonder if the cost of a DWI lawyer is worth it. 

Have you recently been hit with a DUI charge? If so, discover how a DWI lawyer can help and if an attorney is in your best financial interest.  


One of the first questions individuals ask about DUI cases is about the difference between a DWI and a DUI. 

Unfortunately, the definitions are not as clear cut as one would hope. In some states, the two are synonymous. In others, there is a visible distinction. 

In most states, a DUI involves driving under the influence of any drug, including alcohol or cannabis. In states where a DWI is differentiated from a DUI, a DWI means a driver was operating a motorized vehicle while impaired. 

In these states, a DWI might involve falling asleep at the wheel or other circumstances having nothing to do with drug use. 

Still, other discrepancies may exist. In Texas, for instance, a DWI and DUI both imply drug use but depend on age. Those under the legal drinking age receive DUIs while those 21 and older receive DWIs. 

The Advantages of DWI Lawyers 

Regardless of differing definitions, DWI lawyers are advantageous in any case. If you want a reduced sentence, fewer fines and fewer repercussions, a DWI lawyer is the best avenue available to you.  

1. Reduced Sentencing

Having a professional represent you in the courtroom increases your chances of obtaining reduced sentencing. 

Because the attorney is aware of the inner workings of the court, he or she knows how to phrase ideas, pose objections and find the best option for a particular case. 

In fact, a 2015 study by Martindale-Nolo found that convictions are much lower for individuals with private lawyers and higher for those representing themselves or relying on a public defender. 

2. Dropped Charges

Sometimes, police officers make mistakes when arresting individuals for DWI cases. Attorneys know the common procedural mistakes

Using the questionable evidence or procedures associated with your case, an attorney may be able to get charges completely dropped. 

3. Beyond the First DWI Offense

If this isn’t your first DWI or DUI offense, a judge is unlikely to look favorably upon your case. Penalties are steepened and it is harder to reduce sentencing. 

With the aid of an attorney, individuals facing such offenses have a higher chance of avoiding jail time and serious repercussions. A knowledgeable lawyer negotiates with the prosecution to plea down the charges, minimizing consequences. 

Without legal help, this is difficult in cases involving past DUIs. 

4. Multiple Charges

Frequently, a DWI accompanies other charges, such as lying to a police officer or resisting arrest. 

While tackling multiple charges is difficult for individuals representing themselves and time-consuming for public defenders, who often handle hundreds of cases at a time, a personal DWI lawyer invests her time and energy into your case and only a handful of others. 

Consequently, these additional charges are oftentimes dropped completely. 

5. Injuries

It is an unfortunate truth that one misguided choice sometimes has devastating results. 

If you or someone in another vehicle suffered injuries or loss due to the accident, an attorney has the knowledge and empathy to assist you. 

Cases involving harm or death have heavy penalties attached to them, including manslaughter. It’s significant that defendants have attorneys who will survey the crash scene and question any other factors that led to the injuries to reduce sentencing. 

6. False Positives

Breathalyzers and other tests are not foolproof. Sometimes, sober individuals find themselves charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

These false charges might result from a variety of factors, including an improperly calibrated breathalyzer, excessive use of hand sanitizer, inappropriate testing times and more. 

If this is the case, it is imperative you speak with an attorney. DWI lawyers conduct research to pinpoint what, exactly, created the false positive so that the charge is cleared from your record. 

7. Future Life

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of a DWI lawyer is their ability to minimize the effects a DUI charge has on a client’s future life. 

DUIs have lasting impacts. They negatively affect an individual’s ability to find a job, get to work and find fair insurance rates. At the time of the incident, they result in lost wages and financial difficulties. 

By constructing your case in the best manner possible, professionals offer fewer long-term consequences or even clean slates.

Won’t It Cost? 

Many individuals are reluctant to hire an attorney because of the associated cost. However, lawyers actually save defendants money. 

A first-time DUI conviction costs an average of $5,000. That figure represents a case involving a first-time offense and no injuries or drugs besides alcohol. 

A personal attorney costs on average $1,000 to $1,500, although costs vary with case specifics. 

Martindale-Nolo’s 2015 study points out that individuals with private lawyers have lower DUI-related costs. Individuals representing themselves only saved $800 on average. 

These findings don’t take into account future repercussions of a DWI, such as increased insurance, criminal convictions, lost income and more. Because a DUI attorney reduces the impact of these consequences, it’s impossible to quantify how much more they save clients in the long run.  

In short, individuals may save about $1,000, but investing in an attorney saves much more down the road. 

Fight for Your Future

We know a DUI places people in uncomfortable and frightening positions. It’s not a scenario any individual should have to experience alone. 

DWI lawyers provide the knowledge and comprehension to aid you with the troubles your DUI brings. They reduce sentences and represent your case in court, giving you a fair and lawful hearing. 

At the Law Office of Roland J. Garcia, our expert team fights for the accused. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case. 

Consider us your personal team of DWI-busters.