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Attorney, Roland J. Garcia

San Antonio’s Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Roland J. Garcia is an aggressive advocate for San Antonio residents facing serious assault, battery and family violence charges. When an individual has been accused of these serious crimes, their experiences often take a heavy toll on them and can damage their reputations, careers and lives. Mr. Garcia understands how difficult it is to rebound from these allegations, and he works diligently to protect those accused from injustice and discrimination.

If you are facing assault, battery or domestic violence charges in Texas, you can schedule a consultation, or you can call us at 210-802-6381.

Your Concerns Are Our Concerns

Clients facing serious criminal charges, such as family violence or assault with bodily injury, are typically concerned with how convictions could affect their lives. They want to know what will be on their records and for how long, as well as how the allegations could influence their careers or future eligibility for jobs. Here at the Law Office of Roland J. Garcia, we understand these concerns and work with our clients toward effective and favorable solutions. We aggressively fight for their rights and make sure they have comfortable understandings of the process along the way.

Occasionally, a case can take several months to resolve, but that does not discourage our founding attorney, so it should not discourage our clients. When Mr. Garcia takes on a case, he is in it for the long haul and treats every client like a friend.

Attorney Roland J. Garcia is a lawyer who understands how difficult it may be for you to face serious criminal charges. You may be concerned with how the court system will treat you throughout the process, but, with our attorney by your side, you can rest assured that Mr. Garcia will be fighting not only for your rights but also against injustices.

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The Law Office of Roland J. Garcia, located in San Antonio, offers aggressive and effective representation for a wide range of criminal charges. Attorney Garcia will use his vast knowledge of criminal law to work with you to help you reach your legal goal.

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“Great lawyer and an even better person! He cares about the people he helps.”

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“Where do I start. This guys is amazing he treated me with respect. When I had doubts he stayed very positive.”

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“Roland Garcia fought for me like no other, he believed and trusted me, took my case with no hesitation and refused to take anything but a dismissal.”

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