DUI/DWI Expungement in Texas: How to Get a DUI Off of Your Record

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dwi lawyer in san antonioDriving drunk leads to many consequences that leave a lasting impact on your life. If you get a DUI or a DWI, this can stay on your record and affect you when it comes to work and family responsibilities.

Did you know that depending on your case, it’s possible to get a DUI or DWI removed? A DWI lawyer in San Antonio can help you.

Learn more about how to get a DUI off of your record. You’ll get your life back and feel free from getting the stigma of having a DUI.

Understand What Cases Are Eligible for Record Dismissal

In the state of Texas, only certain become eligible for expungement or record dismissal. If you aren’t familiar with the process, review what expungement means.

In the case of how to get a DUI off your driving record, there’s certain requirements you must meet to qualify for this. These include:

  • Getting your case dismissed in court
  • A verdict of not guilty
  • An arrest as a minor
  • Getting your case deferred and being a first-time offender

These are some of the most popular reasons how you can find yourself eligible for removing a DUI or DWI from your record. If you aren’t sure about your case but think there’s a possibility of getting it off your record, talk to an attorney today.

Know What Steps to Go Through for Record Removal

To remove a criminal record from your file, you’ll go through certain steps. After qualifying and talking with a lawyer, it’s necessary to file for an expungement in the county you’re facing this charge in.

You’ll go through the process as you would for anything else related to court matters, such as filling out the forms and paying the filing fee. The district attorney needs to get served.

You’ll attend a hearing and find out anywhere from 30 to 60 days what’s happening with your case. By having a lawyer represent you, you’ll feel confident that you’re following the rules and have proper legal advice during this process.

Learn About Alternative Ways of Removing a DUI from Your Record with a DWI Lawyer in San Antonio

If you’re able to get a DUI or DWI from your record, much depends on your individual case and the attorney helping you. In some cases, filing doesn’t always work.

There are other options you can pursue with the help of an attorney. You can ask for a pardon from the governor of your state or the president, or you can file a writ of Habeous Corpus.

If you’re trying to pursue either one of these options, it’s important to have to skilled attorney helping you. They can advise you on what your best option is and how to ensure you’ll get a second chance at expunging your record.

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If you have a DUI or DWI, you can get it off your record depending on your circumstances. A DWI lawyer in San Antonio can assist you in winning your case.

If you’re looking for legal help but don’t know where to turn, we’re here to help. Contact us today, and see how we can help your case.