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Getting Released from Jail: How the Jail Bond System Works in Texas

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What if I told you dozens of people are sitting in jail despite not having a hearing yet? About three out of every four Texas inmates are awaiting trial.

Why? These individuals weren’t able to meet their jail bond for pretrial release. Do you want to know more about jail bond and bail practices in Texas? You’ll have to read on to get all the details. 

I Got Arrested! Now What?

Most citizens fail to learn about bond, bail, and their own rights until it becomes relevant to them. That means they usually find out how the system works only after they’ve gotten arrested.

So, you’ve gotten charged with a crime and the police took you to jail. What happens next? How does bail work in Texas? Is it time to start researching San Antonio criminal defense lawyers?

Jail Bond and Bail 101

It’s understandable to want your immediate freedom. Despite that, you’ll have to go through the proper process. Your booking process may be lengthy, but your bail should be set within a few hours.

Here’s how bond is set in Texas:

  1. Bail schedules outline the typical amount of bail per crime
  2. A bail hearing gets scheduled
  3. A judge reviews the circumstances of the case. Bail is increased or decreased based on the severity of the charges, flight risk, and other factors.
  4. The judge sets a bail amount
  5. Once you meet the bail amount, you get released from jail

Texas bail amounts can be steep. Often, individuals choose to speak with a bail bond agent. These middle-men allow you to pay only a percentage of the total bail amount.

Know Your Rights

Every suspect has a right to a bail hearing. In essence, bail is a promise to return for your future court hearing. Bail may be a verbal promise or it could be a financial bond.

The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution also protects citizens from excessive bail.

Were your bail rights violated? Learn what to look for in San Antonio criminal defense lawyers before hiring one.

Recent Reforms of the Texas Bail System

Texas bail bond laws have remained controversial. Recently, federal judges declared two Texas counties’ bail practices unconstitutional. Why?

Individuals charged with similar crimes are getting different treatment. Those who can’t meet bail remain imprisoned for days to weeks. Those who can meet bail usually walk free.

As this differential treatment gets exposed across the nation, reforms are occurring. In Texas, lawmakers hope to address these issues. They want to focus on releasing defendants who don’t pose a danger.

If you feel your rights got violated after a DWI charge, then you need to get in touch with a San Antonio DWI lawyer asap.

Do You Need Representation in San Antonio?

Getting arrested and getting thrown in jail is a disturbing experience for anyone. Remember that our legal system considers you innocent until proven guilty. That means you have a right to a jail bond hearing.

Have you recently gotten accused of a crime and taken to jail? Losing your freedom, even for a temporary time, can wreak havoc on your life.

If you need a San Antonio criminal defense attorney, then contact our experts now to learn how we can help.