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How Police Vehicle Dash Cams Can Benefit Your Criminal Case

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San Antonio criminal lawyer

The police dash cam is not a camera anyone smiles for. That same dash cam footage can work in your favor with a San Antonio criminal lawyer.

Winning a case is something that will make you smile. Dash cam footage makes it easier to win your court case.

Don’t you want to stick it to “the man” and win your case already? Police dash cam footage lets the jury travel back in time to the incident took place and see what really happened.

Here’s how that police dash cam footage can be of major help to you.

Police Dash Cam is Perfect Evidence

Getting stopped by an officer is never a good look. Video footage of the incident is the most solid “witness” you could ask for.

Around 72% of all police cars have dash cams. This is to protect both you and the cop from false allegations.

Dash cams offer evidence that’s more objective. They play a major role in how a jury judges the people on camera and in a trial.

The words you speak and actions you commit that get recorded on dash cam can be used for or against your case. Usually, the dash cam footage is in your best interest.

A cop might ask you to move out of the dash cam’s range of view. Cops might do this to interfere with the footage.

Please be mindful that having dash cam footage of your incident is always better than not having it.

Police: Get a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer

If the cop used excess force, dash cam evidence can only help you. A San Antonio criminal lawyer will be able to prove your innocence easier with this footage.

When dealing with a case with an aggressive or corrupt cop, do not represent yourself under any circumstances. Only a lawyer knows how to do that.

Dash cams are supposed to reduce instances of cop aggression, but this is not always the case. All the dash cams and body cams in the world can’t stop certain cops from being too aggressive.

Different police departments have different policies regarding public access to police dash cams and body cams. Your court case should be enough to get them to fork over the footage.

With your lawyer’s help, you can use dash cam footage to your prove your innocence.


Dash cam evidence alone might not be all you need to win a case. You’ll also need a lawyer.

As many as 93% of police misconduct allegations with dash cam evidence end with the officers being exonerated. Juries tend to be biased in favor of the police and believe police over civilians.

All a cop needs to do is say that they had a reason to fear for their life to justify shooting you. Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota police officer who killed Philando Castile, was cleared of murder charges and the whole killing was caught on camera.

Now imagine this bias applied to cases where death isn’t involved. It takes a lot to stand against police or challenge their word in a court of law.

Brace yourself for a fight.

Get Answers Now

Get in contact with a San Antonio criminal lawyer to access your police dash cam footage. You won’t be sorry.

There could be something in that footage that saves you from getting charged. You won’t know until you consult your lawyer.

Choose the wisest investment you could ever make for your future. Get a San Antonio criminal lawyer.