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Now What? Everything You Should Expect After Getting Your First Drug Possession Charge

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You’re at a party having fun when you see those very familiar blue lights. What started out as a minor noise complaint turns into a complete drug bust and a night of fun, turns into a night of pure panic.

While you may not have much of a case for yourself if you’re caught with drugs at a party, if it’s a different circumstance you may be able to defend yourself and avoid charges or at least get yourself a lighter sentence.

Keep reading to find out how you should handle being sacked with your very first drug possession charge.

1. What to Do When the Arrest Happens 

If you make a scene when you’re being arrested then you could get other charges piled on with the drug possession charge. Make sure to stay calm and do everything the officer tells you. 

Once you get to the police station, go ahead and make your one phone call. If you have a lawyer, call them if not, then get in touch with a family member who can get you one. 

2. What You Shouldn’t Do

When you’re arrested the police will require a certain amount of information out of you such as your name or age. After you tell the police what they need to know, it’s best that you exercise your right to remain silent. 

If they ask you questions regarding your case, tell them that you won’t disclose that information until a lawyer is in the room with you. Tell them this in a respectful way or else you’ll just make the situation ten times worse. 

Avoid signing any documents that are put in front of you until you get a lawyer and above all else, don’t try to bribe the police to get a lighter sentence. 

3. Drug Classifications 

The severity of your sentence is going to mainly be determined by the drug that you had in your possession. For example, Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug so your sentence will be less lenient than if you’d had a schedule V drug like codeine. 

Depending on what drug you have, you will then be given either a felony or a misdemeanor. 

4. Felony or Misdemeanor

A felony will land you a harsher sentence than a misdemeanor.  There are a few factors that go into determining which one you’ll have such as

  • Possessing the drug near a facility used for drug treatment 
  • Possessing a drug while in the presence of a minor
  • Using the drug in a public place
  • Having the drug near school grounds 

Again, rather or not you have a felony or a misdemeanor on your hands will really depend on what sort of drug you were found in possession of. 

Everything You Should Expect After Your First Drug Possession Charge

It’s never easy to be arrested especially when it’s your first drug possession charge. Certain drugs will give you a worse sentence than others and will be the thing that tips the scale into a felony or misdemeanor. Use these tips so you know what to expect and how to handle the situation. 

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