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What Happens if You Miss a Court Date in San Antonio?

By May 22, 2018 No Comments

what happens if you miss a court dateMissing a court date is pretty serious, and Texas law doesn’t look kindly on those who do. If you have made this mistake, you’re probably wondering what happens if you miss a court date.

Always remember that if you think you will have to miss a court date, they can usually be rescheduled. Be proactive: call and attempt to get a new court date.

Missing a court date can have different consequences depending on the situation, but they’re serious. After all, failure to appear is a misdemeanor crime. Read on for the details.

Bench Warrant

If you miss a court date, the judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Bench warrants are issues for things like violating probation, failure to pay child support, failure to perform community service, and failure to appear in court.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the police will be actively pursuing you, but if you are pulled over and the warrant shows up when the officer checks you in the system, you could be arrested.

Denied Renewing Your Driver’s License

In some cases, failure to appear in court or failure to pay fines can result in a denial of the renewal of your license.

This means that you can end up in the very precarious situation where you are pulled over for a traffic stop and not only do you have a warrant for your arrest, you are driving without a license.

Having your license denied renewal can carry additional fees as well as fees with your insurance company.

Jail Sentence and Fines

Fines or a jail sentence can be imposed by a judge if you are found guilty of failure to appear in court or contempt of court.

Fines can also be imposed for anything from a failure to appear fine to administrative fees.

What To Do if You Miss Your Court Date

If you think you may have missed your court date, don’t panic. We have all made mistakes. Maybe you wrote down the wrong date, or you just forgot.

The first thing you should do if you miss your court date is to call the court clerk. If it’s only been a day or two since the date you missed, it’s possible that they may be able to reschedule without incident.

If your failure to appear is old, however, the procedure could be more complicated. However, reaching out and attempting to solve the problem is still the correct thing to do.

This is What Happens if You Miss a Court Date, Don’t Let it Happen to You

Missing a court date is serious. It can result in fines or even jail time. You can be issued a denial to renew your license, and the problems can multiply from there.

If you have missed your court date, it’s important to be proactive as soon as you can. Call the court and see if something can be done. Don’t wait. Mistakes happen and usually, something can be done to make things right.

If you have more questions about what happens if you miss a court date, contact us for more information.